Omron HeartGuide Blood-Pressure Smartwatch Clears FDA

    We have seen smartwatches having heart rate sensor. About a year ago, Omron showcased their smartwatch at CES which reads heart rate and blood pressure as well. The company calls it HeartGuide which inflates the wrist-cuff, which takes the readings via oscillometry.

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    Omron HeartGuide Smartwatch

    The Omron HeartGuide has finally received the FDA clearance. As a result, the smartwatch is now available for preorder now. It costs US$499 which is quite expensive when you compare it to common blood pressure monitors. As we know, it is not just a blood pressure monitor but also a feature-packed smartwatch as well.

    Omron HeartGuide

    This includes step-counts, heart-rate sensor, sleep tracking, phone sync and much more. The battery life is expected to be about 48 hours and can vary according to usage. The Omron HeartGuide takes the blood pressure readings when we are asleep.

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    Once the smartwatch is available, you’ll be able to sync it with its companion app, HeartAdvisor via Bluetooth. Connecting with the app allows you to share and track your vitals. It comes with a diameter of 46mm and the band strap is 25mm thickness. Apart from those, the entire thickness of the watch is just 13.8mm.

    Omron HeartGuide

    Omron HeartGuide 2

    Since the FDA clearance has been done, we can now ensure that the accuracy is clinically-validated. The Omron HeartGuide will start shipping from January 8. It will be available S, M, and L sizes ensuring great fit and comfort for accurate readings.



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