beyerdynamic Beat BYRD Review: Charm Misses The Sweet Budget Spot!

An above-average sounding with great ergonomics!


If you go back in time, the earphones were typical with no design change, but now we see earphone in a variety of shapes and forms. That said, the design doesn’t matter much unless the sound output is great if not good. Well, the German luxury headphone brand beyerdynamic brought in both a good design ergonomics and great sounding earphone – beyerdynamic Beat BYRD. Let’s find out how well did it perform in this review.

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beyerdynamic Beat BYRD Overview

Box Content

  • Beat BYRD earphone
  • Earbuds (3 sizes)

beyerdynamic Beat BYRD


  • Operating principle: Closed
  • Transmission type: Wired
  • Nominal Impedance: 18 ohms
  • Cable and Plug: 1.2 m cable (both-sided, fixed) with 3.5 mm plug (3-pole)
  • Weight (without the cable): 5g

beyerdynamic Beat BYRD: Design And Build

The beyerdynamic Beat Byrd is made of premium plastic making it look stylish with a sturdy design. The earbuds feature the latest logo of the company and lands on the lighter side measuring just 5 grams without the cable. The ear tips are small with a subtle angle to it, which ergonomically gives out a good fit and aids comfort for a long hours usage.

beyerdynamic Beat BYRD

Thanks to the unique shape of the earbuds, it does not protrude out of the ear canal making you stop and wonder if they are actually even in your ear in the first place. The angled design will let you lie comfortably in your ear when your head is pressed against a pillow.

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Coming to the cable, beyerdynamic has opted for a relatively thicker cable design for an unknown reason. The cable doesn’t get tangled easily, possibly due to the thick and stiff cable. Overall, there are no complaints in terms of design and build.

beyerdynamic Beat BYRD: Audio Quality

Despite its lightweight design, the Beat BYRD doesn’t compromise on the performance part. It is not the loudest one in the category but handles the sound output to a decent level. Talking about soundstage, the mids and lows are clear, but the highs are a bit muddy.

beyerdynamic Beat BYRD

Coming to the bass, the Beat BYRD produces a fair amount of details which is good enough for you to pick out the finer details. However, at high volume levels, there is a slightly noticeable distortion, but that is compensated with the vocals that come to life across volume levels, making them great for listening to acapella music.

beyerdynamic Beat BYRD

Mind you, there is no control pod attached to this earphone, as no microphone or buttons to switch the music forward or backward. This earphone is purely for music listening and for that, the audio output of this earphone is above average, ideal for listening to a wide range of genres.

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  • Flawless design
  • Sturdy build
  • Good mixture of vocals and bass


  • No in-line mic
  • Slightly overpriced


This earphone was tested over a period of two weeks, so the conclusion is clearly appropriate. The build and the sound quality of the beyerdynamic Beat BYRD earphone are really good but are slightly on the pricier side viz Rs 1,999. The stand-out USP is the design and good audio output in a decent form factor.

beyerdynamic Beat BYRD

No denying, there are a ton of earphone from top brands that offers almost the same audio quality and comes with features like an in-line microphone for a lot less. However, if you want a great pair of earphones that offers above-average audio quality and great comfortability, you won’t go wrong with this one.



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