LG Introduces Refreshed CLOi SuitBot AI Human-Centric Wearable Robot

    LG is all set to unveil its latest refreshed version of wearable CLOi SuitBot alongside a lineup of improved service robots which are nearing commercialization. This CLOi SuitBot supports the lower body to reduce stress when lifting and bending.

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    Refreshed CLOi SuitBot Robot

    CLOi SuitBot

    The first gen CLOi SuitBot was unveiled last fall in Berlin and now we have the update LG CLOi SuitBot supports the waist and augments the user’s own muscle power to reduce the risk of injury and fatigue when performing physically demanding tasks such as lifting and lowering  heavy loads.

    Furthermore, the SuitBot increases the user’s flexibility by enabling 50-degree extension and 90-degree flexion of the waist and activates when the wearer bends at a 65-degree angle, disengaging when standing in an upright position. The new LG CLOi service robots come with the updated autonomous navigation system as well as enhanced connectivity to allow for communication with mechanisms such as elevators and automatic doors.

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    Thanks to the AI technology, the LG CLOi robots analyze customers’ usage patterns to constantly learn and improve performance. Not just that, it comes with touch displays and voice recognition to facilitate natural interaction with customers, LG CLOi can handle more complex tasks such as answering questions and processing payments.

    CLOi SuitBot

    These robots are designed to operate independently, navigating to a charging station when power runs low, returning to duty once fully recharged and performing daily self-diagnosis and automatic reporting. The wearable robot lasts up to four hours on a single charge and recharges in just one hour.


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