Xiaomi Mint; The Lightweight Browser For Android Released

    Xiaomi has launched their new web browser on the Android platform. Named ‘Mint Browser’, it focuses on privacy and security more. The Xiaomi Mint browser is only 10 MB in size which defines the word, lightweight. The company states that it has an amazing launch speed which brings you online faster than ever.

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    Xiaomi Mint Browser

    Xiaomi claims that ‘Mint’ is one of the best web browsers you can use on our device hassle-free. The Mint browser has a user-friendly design providing users the ease to use. The company also adds that they want to prioritize user experience over pricey specs. We get to see more features like Incognito support, tab browsing, voice search, reading mode, and data saver.

    mint browser

    Furthermore, Xiaomi says the browser is ad-free. In contrast, it is good but when we look at the company’s MIUI, all we have seen were ads everywhere. We got to see if Xiaomi can really put their annoying ads away from the browser or not.

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    xiaomi mint browser

    There are many browsers out there in the market. We have to see how the Xiaomi Mint outperforms its competition. Other browsers like UC, Opera Mini are great competent for Xiaomi Mint browser. So far with our daily usage, it seems reliable as a mini browser. Mostly used while when you are low on data.



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