Huawei Has A Solution To The Camera Notch Problem [Huawei Nova 4 With Hole-Punch Camera]


    Samsung has confirmed that it will introduce its A8s smartphone with a display hole for the camera on December 10th, a week before Huawei, which clearly makes the Galaxy A8, the first smartphone to feature a hole-punch camera.

    BOE is said to supply the LCD display for both Samsung and Huawei, but the Samsung Galaxy A8s display is said to be superior compared to Huawei Nova 4, only time will tell. The camera hole on Huawei is said to be just 4.5mm and it is expected to come with a feature a Full HD+ screen with a screen-to-body ratio of over 92%.


    Huawei has started teasing its solution to camera notch problem. The unusual solution is a phone with a circular cutout in the display. And apparently, the Huawei Nova 4 will be the first phone to feature the hole-punch camera.

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    Camera Notch With Huawei Nova 4

    According to a report from WinFuture, the Chinese company has been spotted using the hole-punch camera during a live stream for the 18th birthday of Chinese singer Jackson Yee. Not just that, there were plenty of rumors and reports on Huawei making such an approach earlier too.

    Huawei Nova 4
    Image Credits: iQIYi (via WinFuture)

    Although, there isn’t much we know about the Nova 4, but there does seem to be a camera cutout in the screen, and to honest, it doesn’t look that bad. Huawei isn’t the only company attempting a hole-punch camera, Samsung has confirmed earlier this that it working on a similar style display for upcoming Galaxy smartphones.

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    Huawei for sure wants to make sure that its smartphones get along without a camera notch in the future. Either way, we won’t have to wait long for more information on the Nova 4.


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