The Humanoid Robot HRP-5P Could Possibly Replace A Construction Worker

    People in different sectors have a slight fear of robots taking over their livelihood. Well, now, If you’re a construction worker you may already be concerned about robots that can build walls 24/7 without ever getting tired. Still, the much-complicated tasks like installing drywall were left out for human workers, not anymore, props humanoid robot HRP-5P.

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    Humanoid Robot HRP-5P Does Complicated Stuff

    Japan’s National Institute of Advanced Industrial Science and Technology (AIST), focused on tackling socio-economic problems extends its helping hand by building robots which can do complicated stuff. The institute’s latest breakthrough is a humanoid robot called HRP-5P.

    The robot HRP-5P is capable of handling drywall installation (a big deal in robotics). The HRP-5P capable of understanding the layout of a room, finding and picking up drywall panels, positioning them correctly, and attaching them to the wall, thanks to a range of different technologies, which includes object detection, motion planning, and environmental measurement.

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    Mind you, the actions might be clumsy and slow, but the drywall was positioned correctly and secured properly. Add the ability to work 24/7 without getting tired would be enough to please construction companies to invest in it. Then again, robots like this one could be a boon or a curse to humans, depends.


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