DJI Osmo Pocket Is A 3-Axis Stabilized Gimbal Camera That Can Shoot 4K Videos

    DJI has announced a compact three-axis stabilized gimbal camera – DJI Osmo Pocket. The Osmo Pocket is just 4-inch tall and is the smallest 3-axis stabilized camera, can record up to 4K video (up to) 60fps at 100Mbps.

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    DJI Osmo Pocket: A Tiny Gimbal Camera!

    The Osmo Pocket packs in built-in dual microphones and advanced noise-canceling algorithms. It can last up to two hours when recording videos in 4K, 30fps. The three-axis mechanical gimbal compensates for movements and smooths these motions so you can focus on composition and subject matter.

    DJI Osmo Pocket

    Furthermore, it includes DJI’s image recognition algorithms ActiveTrack, which allows Osmo Pocket to recognize and follow subjects of your choice. With enhanced ActiveTrack algorithms, FaceTrack automatically recognizes a human face and locks the subject in the center of the frame at all times. You can also record Timelapse & Motionlapse videos.

    DJI Osmo Pocket

    DJI Osmo Pocket is priced at $349 (~Rs. 24,375) and is already available for pre-order at, DJI Flagship Stores, DJI Authorized Retailers and additional retailers. The pre-orders will start shipping on December 15th.


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