LG Making 16-Camera Phone That Can Do Crazy Stuff, But Does It Makes Sense?

    With a total of five, LG’s current flagship smartphone V40 ThinQ offers more camera modules than most of its competitors. However, it appears the current dual and triple-camera setups is just the beginning. LG has filed a patent with USPTO for a smartphone with 16 camera phone. The patent was granted on 20 November 2018.

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    LG Making 16-Camera Phone

    Get out of the way from Galaxy A9’s Quad camera and the rumoured Nokia 9 PureView’ Penta camera setup, LG has something jaw-dropping product coming at you. According to a recent patent filing discovered by a Dutch technology publication LetsGoDigital, the Korean manufacturer could be working on a smartphone with 16 sensors and lenses in the main camera array.

    16-Camera Phone

    The lenses are placed in a specific curvature within a matrix arrangement on the rear side, enabling the capture of 3D video or interesting image manipulation effects. According to Letsgodigital, you could select the best angle of a photo after taking it. You could also be able to swap part of the image to another angle, using artificial intelligence to make the change seamless.

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    Things You Can Do With 16-Camera Phone

    Apparently, you will be able to perform seamless face swapping with another face from another photo taken at a different time. If it is what said, we would ran into a scary world of consumer-made Deepfakes — the AI technique that automagically swaps faces of people in photos and videos.

    16-Camera Phone

    However, on the other side of the road, we will be able to create and capture 3D photos videos or even interesting image manipulation effects. It easy to imagine people Instagramming the hell out of their world using this 3D features (like the one below).

    16-Camera Phone
    Image Credits: Giphy

    Besides the cameras, there is also a mirror on the back, and it can be used in a self-portrait fashion. Also, the patent describes the possibility of integrating a second display on the back of the device. However, the screen is not shown in the patent sketches. Since this is still early phases, we are not sure if this patent turns into reality anytime soon.


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