Sony Filed A Patent For A Touchscreen PlayStation Controller [Report]

    A recently published patent from Sony brings possibly a good news for gamers. According to the patent application continuation filed in 2017 and recently published papers, Sony seems to have tentative plans to build a touchscreen PlayStation controller.

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    Sony’s Touchscreen PlayStation Controller

    The patent was published in October and noticed over the weekend by the folks at DualShockers. The patent was initially filed in 2017, the paperwork describes a controller that’s virtually identical to the DualShock 4 that was released in 2013, but in place of the current touchpad, it adds a touchscreen.

    Touchscreen PlayStation Controller

    Right now, PlayStation controllers have a touch-enabled center button that allows users to navigate through menus and other activities with a touch-based interface. The center button also lets gamers access more information, such as game stats, when clicked.

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    This patent application also leaves us wondering what type of content might be displayed on the touchscreen. The controller content could include in-game information, and actions, such as sharing a video broadcast or dealing with incoming invites and friend requests.

    Touchscreen PlayStation Controller

    It will be interesting to see how Sony markets the new design, especially when Nintendo failed miserably (Wii U) with a touchscreen-enabled controller. No doubt, the touchscreen controller is nothing more than a patent application for now, but things can turn anytime. Well, reports suggest that the next-generation Sony console could arrive as early as 2019 or as late as 2021.


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