Samsung Foldable Phone With Infinity Flex Display Is Here- Specs And Features!

    Foldable phones were in the rumours for a long time now, not anymore. A good flush of anticipation flowed when Samsung was reported to be introducing the flex display this year. Well, Samsung did in its annual developer conference in San Francisco and now we have the specs for the upcoming Samsung foldable phone, which is destined to shake up the smartphone industry in 2019.

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    Samsung Foldable Phone With Infinity Flex Display

    The Samsung foldable phone will use two display, according to Samsung’s system software group. There’s a 7.3-inch interior display you see when the phone’s fully unfolded in tablet mode, but when you close it up, a 4.5 exterior screen acts like the smartphone already in your pocket.

    Samsung wouldn’t reveal any further details about the handset’s hardware, but according to CNET, there will be Gorilla Glass cover glass on the 4.5-inch screen and a type of plastic to cover the interior screen. In addition, the 7.3-inch screen will be able to split into three active areas at once.

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    For example, you might see a full-screen spread. Or, the screen might split into two areas, where you’re able to view a sidebar. Let’s say you want to message and see two other apps at once. You would be able to multitask with all three on the foldable Galaxy phone.

    The Early Foldable Support

    The Flipboard (News app) keeled the initial vision of a foldable phone, which the news aggregator shared at Samsung’s behest to inspire app developers to make their own programs work on Samsung’s foldable phone and future phones, too.

    No doubt, Google’s support for Samsung foldable phone is the key, and at Android Dev Summit, Google announced its support for foldable phones, in which Android apps run seamlessly as the device folds, achieving this form factor’s chief feature: screen continuity.

    7.3-inch Display Specs

    • Resolution: 1,536×2,152
    • Screen density: 420 dpi/ppi
    • Aspect ratio: (4.2:3)

    4.5-inch Display Specs

    • Resolution: 1,960×840
    • Screen density: 420 dpi/ppi
    • Aspect ratio: (21:9)

    This is the first-generation product, so we don’t expect it to be the best foldable displays can offer. What is important in this state is that the product works well enough and satisfies consumers and the market alike as a proof of concept. What do you think? share your thoughts in the comment section below.


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