Google Chrome 71 To Ad-Block Websites With Abusive Ads

    Google announced that with Chrome 71, it is stepping up its fight against the internet’s abusive ads problem by blocking all ads on sites that regular run “abusive ads” starting in December.

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    Google Chrome 71 To Ad-Block Harmful Websites

    According to Google, abusive ads come in many forms, which misbehave by either generating fake system messages, or automatically redirecting you, or attempt to steal personal information, which is pretty dangerous for the unknown.

    Chrome 71

    Google has been working against abusive ad experience, back in July with Chrome 68, Google prevented sites from opening new tabs or windows if they were reported for serving abusive experiences. Well, Google will give 30 days grace period to the offending websites to change their ads before Google removes all of their ads entirely.

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    Although users will be able to turn off this (ad-block) filter to make the ads return to them, however, they’ll remain blocked at default otherwise. What if the owner of the site fails to remove the abusive ads? well, it will cause Chrome to block every ad on the site — regardless of whether they are classed as abusive or not.

    Chrome 71

    This is a huge step against the harmful/abusive ad experience which is suitable for people who have no good experience on the internet (safeguarding their personal details and the system from malware). This step also shows how much power Google holds over the internet.


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