1MORE iBFree Sport Bluetooth Earphones Review [New 2018]: An Affordable Audio Companion!

One of the best earphones in the market for the price.

1MORE iBFree Sport

We quite liked the original 1MORE iBFree when we reviewed it early this year, but we can’t deny the fact that, there were few things that were lacking in it, which is now compensated by its new iteration- 1More iBFree Sport Bluetooth earphones, offering better physical hardware and also enhancing the audio quality.

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1MORE iBFree Sport Bluetooth Earphones

As more and more phones are ditching the audio jack, a good pair of wireless headphones has become a necessary yet integral of part of every audiophile, and 1More’s iBFree Sport is one of the best earphones under budget, which clearly knocks off the price with its performance.

1MORE iBFree Sport

Unlike the older iteration iBFree Sport features IPX4 rating for water resistance. Well, before we go further, we want to let you know that, we used this earphone with Xiaomi Mi A1, Huawei Nova 3i and Vivo V11 Pro for testing this earphone. Although there is not much of difference in sound quality, the earphones remain same.

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The 1More iBFree Sport looks almost identical to the original iBFree, by that what we mean is that physically it is not much changed. The driver unit is cylindrical and the ear tips are angled inwards for a better fit. However, it is the wingtips that really help keep the iBFree locked in your ears.

1MORE iBFree Sport

The lightweight aluminium construction that clocks in at just 14 grams aid comfort levels. Like the original iBFree, the iBFree Sport is an exceptionally comfortable earphone to wear. I ran miles with this pair of earphones and never had to worry about these falling out. The control buttons on the earphones are big with chunky buttons, which is quite a change from the predecessor.

1MORE iBFree Sport

Not just that, the iBFree Sport included a power button which is circular in shape and is tactile. By making the buttons distinct, 1MORE has found a very simple and elegant solution to the problem. Another change is that 1More iBFree is IPX6 rated which makes it resistant to splashes. The earphones should be able to handle sweat and any occasional splashes of water, no swimming though.

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Audio Quality

The biggest concern with the first generation 1More iBFree was the lack of low-end performance, which has been compensated with the introduction of iBFree Sport. The bass production of the headset is pretty good, the mids and highs are extensively satisfying.

1MORE iBFree Sport 5

Moving on the cabling, the rubberized cable ideally sits at the behind your head. This headset comes with a control pod, the circular button for power, while the central button acts as play/pause, and the other two buttons, which acts as forward and back buttons. There is a micro USB port here to charge the headset.

1MORE iBFree Sport

Talking about battery, the battery life of the earphones are rated at 8 hours on a single 2-hour charge, which is quite accurate as we charged the earphone only a couple of times in a week. The noise isolation is good and can be considered for the daily commute.

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This headset was tested over a period of four weeks, so the conclusion is clearly appropriate. The build and the sound quality of the 1More iBFree Sport Bluetooth earphone is a clear indication that 1More has listened to the user feedback. The iBFree Sport keeps everything that makes the original good while improving on the negatives.

1MORE iBFree Sport 3

The stand-out USP is the IPX6 rating, with great audio performance, and a decent form factor, this is something that you should definitely consider, if you are looking for a great pair of Bluetooth earphones at a very affordable. The 1MORE iBFree is priced at Rs. 2,999 (currently at Rs 2,749) and is one of the best earphones in the market for the price.



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