macOS Mojave

Apple has released MacOS version 10.14 (codenamed Mojave) and is now available for download. macOS Mojave was announced back in June at the WWDC 2018, brings several new features including Dark Mode, a new Dynamic Desktop, Stacks file organization, a redesigned Mac App Store, and enhanced screenshots.

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macOS Mojave Update

Although the software has been available in public beta for a few months now, but this (stable) update has fixed a lot of bugs and enhanced the user experience. This update has brought in headline features like a new dark mode that makes your operating system look better even if it doesn’t technically add any new functionality.

MacOS Mojave
Demonstration of Stack feature on macOS Mojave.

Furthermore, the new OS also adds support for Stacks, which can automatically group together files in order to keep your desktop tidy. Not just that, the new screenshot functionality has also been improved. In other updates, Apple News, Voice Memos, Home, and Stocks has been included in Mojave 10.14 (first time on Mac desktop).

Supported MacOS 10.14 Mojave devices include:

  • Early 2015 MacBook or later
  • Mid-2012 MacBook Pro or later
  • Late 2012 iMac or later
  • Mid-2012 MacBook Air or later

The macOS Mojave is 5.7GB in size and can be downloaded from the Mac App Store for free.


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