Everything You Need To Know About Amazon’s Surprise Hardware Event [The Echo Gig]

    Amazon held a surprise hardware event loaded with new product announcements which include a new Echo speaker, a new Echo Show and even an Echo Auto. This event showcased more or like how Alexa has evolved in the last four years.

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    Amazon went back to drawing board and brought a new Echo Dot. The new Echo Dot comes with a larger 1.6-inch driver, is 70 per cent louder than the previous model, and much clearer sound.

    surprise hardware

    Well, it retains Bluetooth as well as aux output, which apparently let you hook it up to a bigger speaker (if you have one). The new Echo Dot costs the same US$49.99. Preorders start today, and it ships in October.


    Amazon has built an ultra-portable device for your car and of course, there’s involvement of Alexa in this. The Echo Auto connects to Alexa through your phone and plays over your car’s speakers. Furthermore, it features eight microphones that the company says can make out your voice even over road noise and music.

    surprise hardware

    Apart from that, you can do all the usual Alexa stuff. The Echo Auto will be available to start on an invite basis for US$24.99 before expanding to all customers and jumping in price to US$49.99.

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    surprise hardware

    The very new (tiny) Echo Input is meant to be plugged into speakers you already own. There is no built-in speaker, but the device contains a far-feild microphone array for Alexa commands. It is sleeker than the Echo Dot at just 12.5mm tall. It is coming later this year for US$34.99.


    The new iteration of Echo Plus looks more standard, cloth-covered Echo for a friendlier appearance in your living room. Not just by appearance, the sound of it has also got better and now it can act as a hub for your smart home gadgets, and also has an integrated temperature sensor that can trigger Alexa routines based on a room’s temperature.

    surprise hardware

    The company has also demonstrated that even if your internet goes out, you’ll still be able to control the smart home devices with this speaker. Well, it is priced same US$149.99, the Echo Plus goes up for pre-order today and ships in October.

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    Surprise Hardware

    One thing that Echo speakers lack is the bass. Not anymore, the company has introduced a new US$129.99 Echo Sub. So, when you pair an Echo or Echo Plus together, the Echo Sub will fill out the low end, making your music sound much fuller.


    Amazon’s smart display has increased its screen display, now to 10-inches with better sound. Pretty similar to Echo Plus, it can serve as the hub to a smart home. Undeniably, this is the best Alexa device when it comes to hearing your voice. It comes eight-microphone array in the new Echo Show is the best mic system.

    Second Gen Echo Show

    Furthermore, Amazon is adding web browsers (including its own Silk browser and Firefox) to the Echo Show. Not just that, the company announced a Skype app for the device that will allow users to make video calls directly on the Show offering the same “drop-in” video chat capabilities as last year.

    The second-gen Echo Show will retail for US$229.99. Preorders start today and it’ll be available in October.

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    Amazon is also improvising the home security with the induction of “integrates Echo devices, smart lights, and security service providers to help customers protect their homes while they’re away” on Alexa Guard.

    surprise hardware

    So, when your Guard is on, Alexa send you Smart Alerts with audio clips when specific sounds are detected, including breaking glass or smoke or carbon monoxide alarms. To activate this all you need to say is “Alexa, I’m leaving,” and Alexa will let you know if your Echo devices detect an unusual sound.


    Amazon’s new wall clock is no complicated, it connects to your Echo speakers over Bluetooth. With this, you can set timers, alarms, and change the time using your voice and Alexa commands. Pretty simple.

    surprise hardware

    These are Echo devices announced on the surprise hardware event. There have a lot of Echo’s announced and revamped. Having said that, although the naming was good enough to differentiate, but confusion still remains. What do you think about it? do let us know your thoughts in the comment section below.


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