FiiO M3K
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FiiO launched its latest music player – FiiO M3K Portable High-Resolution Lossless Music Player in India. The player comes with an all-aluminium unibody construction with tempered glass to protect the display from scratches.

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FiiO M3K Portable High-Res Lossless Music Player

The M3K sports a 2.0-inch IPS screen with capacitive buttons with touchpad for operation. Adding conformability, there are five sets of touch buttons to make getting around the UI easy: next/previous track, confirmation, back, and menu keys.

FiiO M3K

The M3K is driven by Ingenic X1000E processor, which is said to provide high performance but with low power consumption. Furthermore, it uses the AKM AK4376A, a well-received DAC that is capable of decoding up to 384 kHz/32-bit audio allowing the user to hear the music clearly.

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According to the company, the M3K can last up to 24 hours and standby time up to 38 days. It also comes with a new AB functionality allowing you to compare and repeat between two different tracks as many times as you like.

FiiO M3K

In addition to that, the M3K supports micro-SD cards for storage expansion and support up to 2TB and much like its name, gives out “Hi-Res Audio” capable by the professionals at the Japan Audio Society. Well, the FiiO M3K is priced at Rs. 6,990, but it is available for order at for as low as Rs. 5,900. It will also be available from leading online & retail stores starting 17th September.



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