Qualcomm’s Third-Gen Ultrasonic Fingerprint Reader To Come Equipped In Samsung Galaxy S10

    The Samsung Galaxy S10 is allegedly reported to be equipped with (Samsung’s first) in-display fingerprint sensor. A report outed suggest that the Galaxy maker will use Qualcomm’s latest ultrasonic reader for the job.

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    Samsung Galaxy S10 + Ultrasonic Fingerprint Sensor

    Samsung has been implementing the bleeding edge technology in its smartphones (of course on the flagships) be it fingerprint sensor back in the days or iris scanner which certainly has been replaced with the mainstream Face Unlock feature. So, it’s a no-brainer that Samsung including the in-display biometric or replacing it with the iris scanner.

    Samsung Galaxy S10
    Image Credits: KTB Securities

    Well, Qualcomm‘s first ultrasonic reader came out in 2015 and the next generation popped out last in June. No longer, the third generation reader developed meets Samsung’s requirements, but (obviously) the company will need a huge supply for the initial launch which has reportedly tapped Taiwanese companies General Interface Solutions (GIS) and O-Film to produce the modules.

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    Furthermore, Qualcomm has been working with GIS to develop the new sensor. Matter of fact, O-Film has previously worked with Vivo to build the X20 UD and X21 UD, which has boomed the market showing casing the feature.

    Samsung Galaxy S10

    According to a report, the ultrasonic fingerprint sensor will attach to the back of the display panel since optical readers need a transparent screen, Samsung believes they are vulnerable to outside and might also impact the image quality of the display.

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    In addition to that, the ultrasound allows for a 3D image of the fingertip’s ridges and pores to be captured, which makes it more accurate. And according to GSMArena, the insiders claim that top two Galaxy S10 models will have ultrasound an ultrasound reader while the base model will have an in-house optical reader.


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