Google Prohibits Android Phones From Having Three Or More Notch

    A large majority of smartphone users criticized the notch that was present on the iPhone X. The scenario has now completely changed, almost every major Android OEM now has a smartphone with a notch that houses the sensors and the front-facing camera.

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    The innovation developed by Apple is now being used by every company to expand the screen and eliminate the bezels. Google is now official bringing notch support on Android P, with a restriction to use a maximum of two notches on a smartphone.

    Notch Restrictions: The Issue

    Android UI product manager, Megan Potoski wrote that “Google is working with device partners to mandate a few requirements for app compatibility purposes. Among those are limits on notches.” Well, we haven’t come across a smartphone with more than one notch, but Google has definitely sensed the possibility.


    The major issue with having multiple notches is screen compatibility problem for various displays. Most applications won’t be able to adapt to a different number of notches or screen form-factors. Android P will expand the status bar on the top of the screen so that it takes up the entire notch. While in the landscape mode the notch will be completely blacked out.

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    Notch Restrictions: The Solution

    Every application developer still has the authority to use the notch on the smartphones as per their preference. The notch will be eliminated in instances like browsing web-pages, using camera applications and much more. On the other hand, the notch will be utilized in applications like maps, games and video players to offer an immersive experience.

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    Smartphone manufacturers are coming up with various innovative new notches design so as to minimize the distraction on the display and offer an immersive experience. What are your thoughts and opinions on notches, do share them in the comments section below.



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