Here’s How Google Search Will Eliminate Fake News; Data Journalism!

    Fake news is all around the internet and to counter it, Google will now bring-up data journalism in the search results which is more reliable by showing facts in a visual way. It is a new way to fight against the increased fake news. So, now you would be able to view data journalism in the form of data tables.

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    Data Journalism In Google Search Results

    Google is working with major news sites and publishers to improve the new data based journalism to bring data journalism information to users in its search results. Now, when you Google search specific subjects like a non-profit’s expenses for a given year, it’ll show specific tabular data right at the top of the page ahead of all other results, which will be specific and is what you are looking for anyway.

    Data Journalism

    “Data journalism takes many forms, and it’s not always clear from the headline that there is potentially useful data within that document or story,” Google News Lab’s Simon Rogers wrote in a blog post.

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    Data Journalism Display Format 

    By adding this structured data to the existing HTML of their page, news organizations will be able to control how the tables will be presented to readers when searching. In simple words, Google’s algorithms can find the info, and publishers can control how it will be shown to readers.

    Data Journalism

    This Google News Initiative is another step towards curb fake news by highlighting accurate journalism while battling misinformation. This project is currently in the testing phase, so you may not see it live just yet, but soon it will be live.

    Edited and published by Atish Rajasekharan



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