Facebook Is Personalizing Navigation Bar Icons On Its Mobile App

    We all know, Facebook has a huge collection of user data, which is according to the company is put towards enhancing the relevant ads and user experience. Well, one such enhancement is that the company is now personalizing navigation bar icons depending on how much a user needs or uses the most.

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    Facebook Personalizing Navigation Bar

    Facebook on Tuesday said that it is redesigning its mobile app’s navigation bar – at the bottom of the screen for iPhones, and at top of the screen for Android phones – to show people shortcuts for the products they use most frequently.

    Personalizing Navigation
    When a new shortcut is added, you’ll get an alert.

    You (right now) have five icons (in this order): News Feed, Watch, Marketplace, Notification, and Menu. However, with Facebook’s personalization, only three essentials icons will remain i.e News Feed, Notifications, and Menu, but the other slots will show the stuff you use most. That includes icons for your profile, friend requests, Marketplace, Groups, and Watch.

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    The Products that aren’t featured on the navigation bar will still be found in the menu icon. When Facebook adds a new icon to your navigation bar, it will send you an alert. Earlier, the icons were chosen for you automatically based on usage, but Facebook said it eventually wants to build in settings that let people have more control over what they see.

    “We want the shortcuts available in the navigation bar to reflect how an individual uses Facebook,” Product Manager Alexa Andrzejewski said in a statement. “To that end, we’re customizing mobile shortcuts so everyone can more easily connect with their most frequently used products.”

    Not to forget, updates like this is also a reminder that the company tracks so much of what you do on the platform. Well, Facebook is rolling out the redesign globally to its more than 2 billion users over the next few weeks.


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