YouTube Web Player Now Adapts To Different Aspect Ratios

YouTube is the most popular platform for consuming online video content. Most videos on YouTube have a 16:9 aspect ratio with exception of few percentages of cinematic videos. Well, both creators and viewers have grown exponentially in the past few years. A vast majority of users shoot videos on their smartphones and that too vertically. So YouTube Web Player will now adapt to these vertical aspect ratios just like IGTV does.

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YouTube Web Player: Aspect Ratio

YouTube adopted the aspect ratio of 9:16 in the smartphone YouTube application in March of this year, and the exact same functionality is now available on the desktop. It is worth noting that, earlier YouTube used to add black bars either horizontally or vertically based on the aspect ratio of the video.

YouTube Web Player

Now after the new update, the YouTube Web Player will automatically adjust its dimensions based on the aspect ratio of the video that is being played. A 16:9 video will look normal as it was earlier but a 21:9 video will no longer have black bars. Instead, the video will now playback in an ultra-wide aspect ratio.

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YouTube Web Player: Why YouTube Did This?

YouTube Web Player

The major reason why YouTube adopted the new feature is the significant increment in the production of vertical videos. Furthermore, IGTV can be a challenging platform for YouTube. Well, there is no certainty but IGTV may soon get monetization features where creators can earn money as per their views count.

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