Xiaomi Mi Earphones Basic (2018) Review; Best Earphones For Rs.399?

Aggressive pricing is what helps Xiaomi Stand Out from the Crowd and the Xiaomi Mi Earphones Basic is no exception to that. I have been using these earphones for a month now and I am amazed by the sound and build quality that Xiaomi has offered for such a cheap price. Well, if you have been looking for a pair of earphones that sound great and don’t break the bank then the Mi Earphones Basic might impress you.

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Xiaomi Mi Earphones Basic: Design And Built Quality

Xiaomi Mi Earphones Basic

The earphones offer pleasing design ergonomics and the complete metal construction makes the earphones look more premium. Furthermore, the cable is 1.25m long but it’s not braided. That said I haven’t come across a pair of earphones with such an impressive design and that too at a price of Rs.399 or roughly US$6. 

Xiaomi Mi Earphones Basic: Sound Quality

Xiaomi Mi Earphones Basic

The earphones offer a loud and clear audio output. Bass is only delivered whenever required and doesn’t overpower the vocals. The mids and highs are well balanced. That said, it’s not officially verified by Xiaomi but I do think that these earphones offer some sort of noise cancellation. As a conclusion, Xiaomi hasn’t left any room to complain in terms of sound quality. You can easily rely on these earphones for casual music listening.

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Xiaomi Mi Earphones Basic: Verdict

So are these the best earphones that you can get under Rs 400 or even Rs 500?

Definitely Yes!

Xiaomi Mi Earphones Basic

You can’t go wrong with these earphones until and unless you are an audiophile. Xiaomi Mi Earphones basic also offer an in-line microphone that is more than enough for answering calls and controlling music playback. Lastly, you also get additional earbuds. If good sound quality and pleasing design is your priority then purchase these earphones.


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