Instagram Adds Green Dot On Profile Pictures To Show Who’s Online

    Instagram has added dozens of new features on to their application in 2018. Well, some of these features are inherited from Facebook. Now the popular green dot on the profile picture which depicted that a user is active is now making its way to Instagram. So here’s everything you need to know about this new feature.

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    Green Dot On Profile Pictures

    A few months ago Instagram introduced the Active Now feature which helped users to see the activity of their friends. Users already had the ability to manually enable or disable this feature based on their preference. Now the new helpful green dot next to your friend’s profile pictures will let you know that they’re online and you can message them.

    Green Dot

    The dot will show up in the direct messaging part of the application and also on your friend’s list when you go to share a post with someone. Instagram clarifies that “You will only see the status for friends who follow you or people who you have talked to in Direct,” so it’s meant to get you talking more to the people you’re already talking to.

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    How To Turn It Off

    You can also disable this feature, which is pretty nimble;

    • Head over to your Instagram account.
    • Press the three vertical dotted button on the top right corner.
    • Scroll down, under privacy and security, you will find activity status.
    • Turn it off. You’re done!

    Some More New Features

    Instagram has been adding some helpful new features, which includes new reaction features, new layouts and so on. No denying, the application is continuously improvising and major updates like IGTV are also welcomed by users.



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