Opera was one of the oldest web browsers that helped people to access the internet. Well, Opera has been continuously improvising the Android version of Opera web browser. Now the company is testing a built-in cryptocurrency wallet in a private beta of its browser on Android. So here’s everything you need to know about this cryptocurrency wallet.

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Built-In Crypto Wallet: Features

Opera is the world’s first web-browser to offer a built-in cryptocurrency wallet. Well, you can import an existing crypto wallet or create a new one. Presently, this browser-based wallet only supports ethereum while support to other coins will come later this year.

Using the wallet you can send and receive money directly in the browser. Furthermore, you can also make online purchases where a merchant supports crypto transactions.

Crypto 4

Opera has only included ethereum as its the second largest crypto-currency after bitcoin. Well, Opera will offer a user-friendly and secure experience. It is worth noting that, a few months ago Opera added an anti-crypto jacking tool to stop sites from mining coins through your browser. This process used your computer’s resources to mine bitcoins.

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Crypto Wallet: Security And Availability

Cryptocurrency Wallet

The browser-based cryptocurrency wallet is protected with Android’s system lock instead of complex passwords. Furthermore, all of the keys that control the wallet remain on the device and are neither saved nor uploaded anywhere. Well, Opera is presently testing the new wallet in a private beta. As of now, the sign-up page for the crypto wallet on opera browser is under maintenance.

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[youtube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=aVE0eHp7QA0?rel=0]

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