Procus Emperor In-Ear Bluetooth Earphone Review: The Pricey Wireless!

    Removal of the headphone jack from a majority of the flagship smartphones clearly indicates that wireless is the future. Companies are taking initiatives to come out of the wired zone. Well, Procus is another such company with an alike thought process, which can be seen in their latest in-ear Bluetooth earphones, Procus Emperor.

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    Procus Emperor: Overview!

    The first look at the earphone will remind you of the good old Apple earphone design. Procus has evidently tried to mimic the design of Apple’s earphone. Well, before I go ahead with this review, just for the concern, I have used this earphone with OnePlus 6, Xiaomi Mi A1, Redmi Note 5 Pro and Samsung A6 Plus.

    Procus Emperor 1

    Cased pretty well, this wireless earphone will bring you a carrying case which also acts as a charging station. Well, the charging case looks and feels great in hand. Moreover, it is sturdy enough to take quite a good height falls. The case comes with a 500mAh battery, which can revive the earphone from the dead for several cycles.

    The earphone, on the other hand, is really small, but aesthetically well finished. It is so finished that it fits in the ear like a piece of cotton (not bragging, but it legit felt so). Both the earpiece has one (each) button on the side to turn the earphone on/off, play/pause and even to accept/disconnect the call.

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    How To Connect Procus Emperor?

    Well, the process of connecting the emperor to your smartphone or any other Bluetooth packed device is pretty nimble. Here is how to do it;

    Procus Emperor 5

    • Long press the buttons on the earpieces at a time for 5-10 seconds until red and blue lights start flashing.
    • There will be digitized audio validating the switching on of the earphone.
    • Now, the earphone will start looking for the device to pair with.
    • So, turn on your smartphones Bluetooth and pair it. That’s it!

    To turn off the earphone, just long press the side buttons, both the earphone will show red lights, moreover, the digitize audio will also validate the switching off process. Isn’t it simple?

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    Procus Emperor: Sound Quality

    The sound quality of this earphone is really amazing. There was a clear mismatch between the size and sound quality of the earphone, what I mean by that is it sounds crisp and clear. There was a good vibe to Apple’s own earphone coming out of this earphone. Procus has very well kept the standards of their earphones.

    Procus Emperor 4

    Well, the lows, mids, and the highs are well balanced and lossless. I didn’t find any distortion in the bass, furthermore, the sound was lossless even in the high volume. Summoning up the quality aggregation, I feel the earphone gives a great audio listening experience.

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    Procus Emperor: Breaking The Promise!

    One of the major drawbacks of this earphone, I came across is after I received a call on it. I faced a lot of issues and disturbances while receiving calls, and not just sometimes, the majority of the time, the other end user couldn’t able to hear my voice. Now, two questions are raised;

    1. Why not try connecting to another phone? Yes, I did, but the issue didn’t solve.
    2. Try changing your Network Operator? I did change it. I tried BSNL, Airtel, and Jio. Nothing happened.

    Procus Emperor

    If not calls, the audio output of this earphone is great. And much like the sound quality, the connectivity of this earphone is also appreciatable, thanks to Bluetooth 4.2. Each earpiece has a 60mAh battery in it, which gives out a pretty good battery life.

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    Does Procus Emperor Justify The Price?

    Well, it does to some extent considering the company’s ideology of comparing the Emperor with Apple’s Airpods that offers a lot more and of course is priced more. So, in my opinion, this earphone at Rs 4,999 is not worthy to buy especially considering we have 1More iBFree earphones and OnePlus’s Bullet Wireless earphone in a much cheaper price tag and sounds pretty much the same, if not better than this.

    Procus Emperor 3

    True, both the mentioned earphones are not Truely wireless, but this earphone is. So if you’re planning to buy this, buy it for the good sound quality, great stereo experience, pairing connectivity and (for us) a questioning call issues.



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    The Procus Emperor scored around 7.1/10 overall. The rating has been done after a fair amount of usage and keeping the similarly powered hardware in mind. Price-to-performance ratio is another parameter.Procus Emperor In-Ear Bluetooth Earphone Review: The Pricey Wireless!