What Are Lite Apps? What’s The Difference Between Native And Lite Apps; What And Why!

If you are an Android user you might have come across lite apps. These applications act as the knockoff of native applications. Well, the major highlight of these applications is their extremely small file sizes which makes them easily downloadable. So here’s everything you need to know about Lite apps and why companies develop them?

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What Is A Lite App?

As mentioned above Lite applications can be considered as the knockoff versions of native applications. Well, these application help users to access all the basic functions of the native application.

Lite Apps 1

Almost most popular applications have a lite version which is a fraction in size and nearly equal in functions. Furthermore, these applications are designed so that they consume a negligible amount of resources and work fine even with low-speed internet connections.

What Is The Point Of Lite App?

Lite Applications are developed so that people with low-end smartphones, low-speed or metered internet connections can use major services and applications. Lite Apps are mainly launched in developing countries and emerging markets.

Lite Apps 2

Well, lite apps are also useful for aging smartphones. Lastly, less storage space wasted by apps means you have more space for storing other content like photos, documents, and other files.

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Why Are Companies Building Lite Apps?

Lite Apps 3

Most major services and applications are launching their lite applications. Facebook Lite is possibly the most popular lite application that has millions of users worldwide. Facebook and other major companies invest in developing lite applications so that their user base can grow in developing countries and emerging markets. Furthermore, these companies focus on lite apps so that technology isn’t judged with money.

Here’s a list of few Lite apps that are worth checking out

  1. Facebook Lite
  2. Facebook Messenger Lite
  3. Twitter Lite
  4. YouTube Go
  5. Amazon Kindle Lite
  6. CleanMaster Lite
  7. Shazam Lite
  8. UC Mini Browser
  9. Google Go
  10. Skype Lite

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Lite Apps Vs Native Apps

Using Lite apps you definitely have to compromise with some main features that a native application offers. The first important difference between Lite App and Native App is in the UI. Lite apps generally offer a browser-based UI that is faster to load and consumes a low amount of resources.

Lite Apps

On the other hand, a Native application uses a phone to its full potential and even store a great amount of cache. The next major difference is in terms of features. Well, you can do all the basic tasks that the native app can do, but new features and resource-intensive tasks are still limited to native apps.

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