Light’s Multi-Lens Camera Tech Is Coming To Smartphones

    Light is the company that made a wacky-looking 16-lens camera. Well, now Light is bringing its Multi-Lens based camera technology to smartphones. Light has shown various concept phones and prototypes that had between five and nine lenses incorporated onto their backs. So here’s everything you need to know about the multi-lens technology.

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    Multi-Lens Camera: The Technology

    Dual camera smartphone camera trend that was started by Apple with iPhone 7 Plus is now available on most of the smartphones. The secondary lens brought dozens of nifty features that accompanied with capable software processing made smartphones camera standout. In today’s smartphone market dual lens camera is too mainstream.

    Multi Lens 1Last year, Light launched its L16 camera with the multi-aperture computational camera featuring 16 lenses. On Light L16, ten or more of those lenses capture an image simultaneously at different focal lengths and the software-based algorithm combines them into a single image of 52-megapixel in resolution.

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    Multi-Lens Camera In Smartphones

    According to the Washington Post, Light has already started working on a prototype with around five to nine lenses that function together to deliver DSLR-like performance in low-light conditions and capture amazing 64MP images. Furthermore, Light says a smartphone with its multi-lens design will be announced later this year.

    Multi Lens

    The Light L16 camera launched last year costs $1,950. Consequently, the Light-powered smartphone won’t be cheap at all. Furthermore, for all those sensors and software-based algorithm to work together an immense amount of processing power is required. Hence, the cost of these lenses coupled with flagship specifications will make the smartphone cost thousands of dollars.

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    Image Quality

    Smartphones have passed away the quality of point and shoot camera years ago. With rapid improvements n image processing and sensor quality they may soon surpass DSLR cameras in terms of overall picture quality. Furthermore, with inventions like that of Light multi-lens cameras, we may soon achieve DSLR like image quality on smartphones.

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