Instagram Lite Being Tested For Developing Countries!

    Instagram recently introduced IGTV after surpassing 1 billion monthly active users. Well, the company is now testing Instagram Lite so as to expand its user base in emerging markets and developing countries. So here’s everything you need to know about Instagram Lite and what’s the major difference between Instagram and Instagram lite.

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    Instagram Lite: Features

    The major highlight of Instagram Lite is its extremely small size of 512 kilobytes. The application allows users to apply filters and post photos to the feed or Stories, watch Stories, and browse the Explore page. Consequently, the application consumes a negligible amount of data and works even on slow internet speeds and the application requires Android 5.0 Lollipop and above to run.

    Instagram Lite 1

    Initially, Instagram Lite is being tested in Mexico and will be launched in other countries by the end of the year. So Instagram is attempting to expand the platform into developing countries that have a substantial population with limited access to smartphones with high storage space and areas with fast Internet speeds.

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    Instagram Lite Vs Instagram

    Instagram Lite definitely comes with some sacrifices, but are these sacrifices big enough to ruin your Instagram experience?


    Well, Instagram Lite can be considered as the initial versions of Instagram launched in 2011-2013 time period. As mentioned above, the application provides almost all the major features as found in the original Instagram. The major downside of the lite version is that it doesn’t allow users to share videos and you can’t access Direct Messages on the application.

    Apart from that, the application offers an entirely redesigned UI and consumes a minimum amount of resources. Furthermore, we can’t expect IGTV to be launched on Instagram Lite. Lastly, you can’t download and install the application as it is still in testing phase.

    Do share your thoughts and opinions on Instagram Lite in the comment section below.



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