Google Podcasts Application Launched For Android; Here Are Its Features!

    Google launched its own standalone podcasting application, called Google Podcasts. Presently, the application has very limited features but it definitely has a huge collection of 2 million podcasts. Google’s vision is to spread podcasts to hundreds of millions of new listeners around the world. So here’s everything you need to know about the Google Podcasts application.

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    Google Podcasts: Application Review

    Earlier, Google allowed users to access podcasts through the Google application, and users were able to add a shortcut to their home-screens. Well, now Google has launched a new completely independent application for listening to podcasts called Google Podcasts. The application allows users to search for content and even subscribe to their favorite broadcasters.

    Google Podcasts

    Furthermore, the application supports Google Home. Consequently, you can pause a podcast on your smartphone and continue listening to it on the Google Home. Well, you get all the basic controls like downloading podcasts, controlling playback speed and the application is synced across all of your Google products.

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    Google Podcasts: How To Use

    Since Google Podcasts is synced across most of Google Services like Google Assistant, you can simply search the name of the artist or broadcaster who’s podcasts you want to listen. When you search for a podcast, you can view the recent episodes. Well, the Podcasts application also recommends related podcasts. Furthermore, individual podcast pages can be added to your home screen.

    Listening to podcasts is an efficient and a relatively new form of consuming content. You don’t have to peep at your smartphone’s screen continuously to see what’s happening. Well, podcasts can also be considered as a modern age radio.

    Do share your thoughts and opinions on Google Podcats and do you listen to podcasts in the comments section below.



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