Intel has always integrated its GPU with the CPU on the computer. Well, a recent tweet by the company reveals that Intel will soon launch its discrete GPU. Consequently, we can expect improved graphics performance as compared to the present generation integrated  GPU. So here’s some information about the Intel Discrete GPU.

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Intel Discrete GPU: Core and Visual Computing Group

Intel Discrete GPU 1

Raja Koduri last year joined Intel, earlier he was working as the chief architect of the AMD Radeon Technologies Group. Koduri joined Intel as the “chief architect, senior vice president of the Core and Visual Computing Group and general manager of a new initiative to drive edge computing solutions.” Furthermore, Intel is focusing both towards gaming and productivity related graphics performance.

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Intel Discrete GPU: The Competition

Intel has very well pioneered the integration of GPU initially within the motherboard and later within the CPU itself. This was an efficient method of integrating GPU, but it definitely lacked behind when it came to performance and power. Furthermore, Nvidia has been ruling the GPU market for years now. Even companies like Apple and Sony rely on AMD for their GPU needs despite the fact that they use Intel CPU in their computing devices.

Intel is well-known brand and hence it will have a tough competition with both Nvidia and AMD. Well, Nvidia has been working hard and improvising PC graphics, fields of AI,  autonomous driving, and visual computing.

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