Here’s How To Use Google Translate In Offline Mode!

    Google Translate is possibly one of the most useful application launched by Google. The application helps translate almost any language to any other language. Well, Google made the application more useful by providing offline mode support. So here’s how to use google translate in offline mode.

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    Google Translate: NMT

    Google implemented Neural Machine Translation in its Google Translate application in 2016. NMT helped increase the accuracy of the Google Translate application. Earlier this feature was only available when a user was online. Well, Google made this feature available offline through a major application update.

    Google Translate 2

    Furthermore, the feature will be available for both Android and iOS users. The Google Translate Product Manager Julie Cattiau said, “This means that the technology will run in the Google Translate apps directly on your Android or iOS device so that you can get high-quality translations even when you don’t have access to an internet connection.” The files to translate languages offline will be stored on your phone and will be around 35MB-45MB in size.

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    Google Translate: How To Use It

    Google Translate

    Firstly, ensure that you have installed the latest version of Google Translate available in your respective app stores. Next up the application will promote you to download the required files. Lastly, you can manually download the languages as per your preference. Simply open offline translations and download the languages you want.

    Presently, Offline support is limited to 59 languages including various Indian and European languages. Lastly, the offline mode only translates sentences and not words.



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