Psychopathic Norman AI Created Using Reddit Images: Explained!


    Human beings always have a zeal for creating something creative. Well, we create something that can be beneficial or destructive for the mankind. This time around scientists from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology encouraged an AI algorithm to act in evil ways by training it to become a psychopath. So here’s everything you need to know about the Psychopathic Norman AI.

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    Norman AI: The Psychopath

    This Psychopathic AI named as Norman was intentionally exposed to a constant stream of violent and gruesome images from the darkest corners of Reddit. According to the researchers, Norman was constantly exposed to negative images and depressive thinking. Norman’s empathy logic simply failed to activate. Consequently, AI can be trained for any purpose.

    Well, Norman task is to identify and caption a particular set of images. Furthermore, this is based on conventional deep learning method of creating text-based representations for images.

    Norman AI Vs Normal AI

    Norman is trained via machine learning methods where the AI computer system is fed a large chunk of a particular data-set. In one test, a standard AI saw a vase with flowers. On the other hand, Norman saw a man being shot dead. In another instance, the standard AI reported a person holding an umbrella in the air.

    Norman AI

    Well, Norman saw a man being shot dead in front of his screaming wife. While the standard AI saw a touching scene of a couple standing together, Norman saw a pregnant woman falling from a building.

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    Future AI

    So Norman definitely confirmed that the major plot of various science fictions where AI or robots are out of control and control human beings can be possible. Elon Musk and Mark Zuckerberg have already emphasized that artificial intelligence can go out of control or display unsought behavior.

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