Apple Patent Application For A New Blood Pressure Monitor

    Apple is very well-known for innovating and creating consumer electronics that are used and praised by masses. Well, Apple recently applied for a patent for a new blood pressure measurement device. Consequently, Apple is planning to enter the healthcare consumer market. So here’s everything you need to know about this Blood Pressure Monitor.

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    Apple’s Wearable Blood Pressure Monitor

    Apple has applied for a patent of a wearable blood pressure monitor. Well, this device has design ergonomics similar to a cuff. The device is equipped with sensors that are used to monitor and record a persons blood pressure. Considering, the design and functionality of the device it may feature a touch-screen and Bluetooth connectivity as well.

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    Wearable Blood Pressure Monitor: Its Functioning

    The blood pressure band may contain tiny cells that can be compared to airbags. These cells exert pressure on users hand and stop blood flow. Using this method the device gets a measure of the heart’s maximum output or its systolic pressure.

    Lastly, before releasing it get a measure of the heart’s resting output or the diastolic pressure. Well, Apple will also integrate an “actuator” so that the device doesn’t harm anyone by applying excessive pressure.

    blood pressure monitor

    Furthermore, devices that perform the exact same functions are already available in markets. Apple may integrate their devices with iOS and WatchOS, that will make them more efficient and useful. Do share your thoughts and opinions on these devices in the comments section below.



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