5 Best Tips To Increase Any Smartphone’s Battery Life; Save Some Juice!

    The battery life is one of the most important aspects of any smartphone. There is no point in having a powerful processor or an impressive camera until and unless you have the juice to power the smartphone. With that said, saving battery life on smartphones is not a difficult task. Here’s a list of few simple hacks that will definitely help to increase your smartphone’s battery life.

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    1. Use Dark Wallpapers and Applications (For AMOLED Displays)

    If your smartphone has an AMOLED panel you can save a decent amount of battery by simply changing your wallpaper. Simply change your wallpaper to a completely or nearly black wallpaper. The pixels under those black region of your smartphone are automatically turned-off to depict black color.

    Battery Life

    These are two good applications for black-themed wallpapers AMOLED Wallpapers and Super AMOLED wallpapers. Lastly, you can use applications like YouTube and Twitter in dark modes.

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    2. Monitor Applications

    Battery Life

    You can monitor the applications and easily detect the ones consuming a higher amount of battery. Commonly, the least used applications consume a greater amount of battery life by running in the background. Taking a step further you can completely delete or force stop that particular application.

    3. Turn off Vibrations And Haptic Feedback

    Battery Life

    In simple words, it takes more power to vibrate your phone than to ring it. So, until and unless you really need to use vibrations turn them off. Turning off haptic feedback or that buzz while you type on your keyboard can also save a few percentages of battery life. Lastly, you won’t miss anything big by turning off haptic feedback.

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    4. Stop Using Widgets And Live Wallpapers

    Battery Life

    Widgets continuously consume battery life, as they require to update themselves. If you have widgets spread all across your home screens than they are the major reason behind rapid drainage of your smartphone’s battery. Live Wallpapers also consume both resources and battery.

    5. Charge Your Smartphone Rapidly

    Battery Life

    This final trick indirectly helps to increase your smartphone’s battery life. You can make a significant change in the charging speed of your smartphone by turning on Airplane Mode. This will turn off all the wireless and radio signal transmitting services like WiFi. Hence, the smartphone could easily pick up power and charge itself rapidly.  

    These were some basic tricks that would help you to get some juice until you reach your home and charge your phone. If you have any other tip that you wish to share then do help the community by commenting it below. 



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