5 Best News Apps For Android 2018; What’s Happening Around You?

    The news is the primary source of information that helps us to know what’s happening around. Gone are the days when people relied on News TV channels, Radio and newspapers to read or listen to the news. So these are some news apps that will help you get fast and reliable news right on your android smartphone.

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    1. Google Assistant

    News Apps

    The first application on the list most likely came preinstalled on your phone. Yes, you can simply command Google Assistant “what’s the news”. Google Assistant will send some current news based on your location. Moreover, you can also subscribe to “send daily”. Once subscribed Google Assistant will automatically send news updates based on the time and location selected.

    2. Flipboard

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    Flipboard is a capable news application. The app provides news updates based on your passions like technology, sports, politics, business etc. Personalized feed is next major highlight of this application. You can also view and read the entire article within the app. Flipboard also allows users to read, share and collect stories with their friends.


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    3. Feedly

    News Apps 3

    Next helpful news app that also doubles up as an RSS reader is Feedly. This news app provides a personalized feed based on users preference. Well, the application also integrates with other social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn etc. Well, Feedly is a cross-platform application. Consequently, it can be used either on a smartphone or a web-browser.



    4. Newspaper Apps

    News Apps 2

    Well, almost every popular newspaper service now has its own application. These newspaper apps like The Indian Express, The Hindu, Washinton Post, The New York Times and so on. provide most of the content published in the newspaper and on their respective websites. Lastly, most of these applications have impressive reading modes. Furthermore, you can also share content with your friends.

    5. Pocket

    News Apps

    Pocket doesn’t have any content of its own. This news app can be used for storing links or content that you come across on twitter or facebook etc. throughout your day. Later Pocket presents all these articles in a well-organized manner. Well, the application has offline support and offers discovery feature as well.


    So these were some news apps, that will definitely help you to stay updated. Do share news apps that you use in the comments section.



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