Are Gaming Smartphones Really Worth It?

    Smartphone gaming industry is dominating decades-old console and PC gaming industry. The major reason behind this is the availability and portability that smartphones carry with them. Gone are the days, when people purchased flagships for playing games. Even a mid-range or budget oriented smartphone can easily handle most games efficiently.

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    Well, Gaming Smartphones are in hype these days. They offer the best smartphone gaming experience possible. So are gaming oriented smartphones worth buying?

    Problems With Smartphone Gaming

    The first and foremost issue with smartphones is that they are not meant for gaming. Well, gaming is one of the many nifty features that a smartphone offers. Next major issue is battery life. Well, games require a smartphone to work to the full potential and provide as many resources as possible. Consequently, this drains smartphones battery rapidly.

    Gaming Smartphones

    Smartphones even tend to heat up quickly after prolonged gaming sessions. Lastly, most mid-range and budget-oriented smartphones don’t have an impressive display quality. This reduces the quality of overall gaming experience.

    Gaming Smartphones

    The problems sited in the above paragraph are fixed by gaming oriented smartphones. They provide the best possible hardware coupled with features that help enrich the gaming experience. As of now, we have three main gaming smartphones, that are dedicated towards gaming.

    1. Razer Phone

    Gaming Smartphones 1

    Razer Phone was the first gaming smartphone. The smartphone featured 5.7 inches IGZO IPS LCD display with a resolution of 1440 x 2560 pixels. The major highlight of this smartphone was the 120Hz refresh rate of the display. This made gameplay look much smoother. Apart from that, the smartphone had top-notch specifications like Snapdragon 835 processor and 8GB of RAM.

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    2. Xiaomi BlackShark

    Gaming Smartphones 2

    Xiaomi recently unveiled its gaming-oriented smartphone the Xiaomi Black Shark. The smartphone is packed with impressive specifications like 18:9 display, 8 GB of RAM, Snapdragon 845, dual cameras, and a 4000 mAh battery. Well, the smartphone also supports a Bluetooth gaming controller to enrich gaming experience. The design ergonomics make gaming more comfortable and efficient.

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    3. ASUS ROG Phone

    ASUS ROG Phone

    ASUS also introduced its gaming smartphone the ROG Phone. Well, the smartphone is compatible with dozens of accessories, which can act as game controllers, smartphone fans and different ports hub which can be used to project smartphones display on a bigger screen. Furthermore, the smartphone provides top-notch specifications with a dedicated gaming mode to boost up performance.

    Gaming Smartphones: Conclusions

    If you are serious about smartphone gaming, then gaming smartphones are definitely worth purchasing. They resolve most of the issues we face with normal smartphones while playing games. Well, there is no drastic performance difference between a normal and gaming smartphone.

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    But these gaming smartphones definitely offer features like impressive display, large battery, support for external gaming peripherals and smartphone cooling. Consequently, these features help enrich the gaming experience. So, yeah its definitely worth buying.


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