ASUS Project Precog Is A Dual-Screen AI Powered Concept PC: Computex 2018

    ASUS unveiled its Project Precog concept computer, a dual-screen PC with AI capabilities at Computex 2018. Since the laptop has AI, it will be smarter than most of the laptops. So here’s everything you need to know about the ASUS Project Precog laptop.

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    ASUS Project Precog: Design And Display

    ASUS Project Precog 2

    Project Precog is a fully-convertible laptop. Well, the device can be used in bend form, or as a traditional tablet, and in the laptop mode (That converts second display as the keyboard). Lastly, Precog can also be laid down completely flat on a table. Asus has used heavily polished metal design aesthetic. The device features two pleasing displays.

    ASUS Project Precog: AI Capabilities

    Intel is helping various manufacturers by providing tools and resources from Intel’s AI for PC Developer Program. The laptop can optimize battery charging depending on the time of day. Asus also displayed how the device received Excel suggestions while a user is working with documents

    Asus Project Precog 2
    IMG: Engadget

    Using Intel’s Movidius visual processing unit, the laptop can easily track where are your hands in contact with the laptop. Since the laptop is still a concept more features will be unveiled once the product becomes a production unit. ASUS claims that the concept laptop will start shipping sometime next year.

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    Earlier Lenovo has also used the dual-display concept to integrate keyboard within the secondary display. Do share your thoughts and opinions about these concept laptops in the comments section below.



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