Top 8 New Features On iOS 12 That You Must Know: WWDC 2018

    WWDC 2018 ended up being a software-only conference. Almost every OS that powers Apple devices got significant updates and new features. Well, to everyone’s surprise, Apple will continue to provide a free software upgrade to iPhones and iPads as old as 2012. So here are the five best new features of iOS 12 that you must know about.

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    1. Improved Performance

    iOS 12
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    The most significant and helpful feature of new iOS 12 is an increment in performance. Every iPhone and iPad will provide faster and smoother user experience. Well, iOS 12 takes the processor to its peak speed as soon as a user requires more power and later significantly reduces the speed. Furthermore, this is achieved through better optimization of the A series silicon chipset. Most applications and games will launch up to 40% faster.

    2. USDZ AR Format

    USDZ is a new AR Format that can be used across the system. Well, USDZ makes the sharing and viewing of AR-based content significantly easy and reliable. Adobe has also introduced support to AR kit.

    iOS 12 1

    Furthermore, Adobe will introduce native support to USDZ in creative cloud. Consequently, we can easily edit and share AR content. Lastly, USDZ files can be used on websites, messages and much more.

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    3. New Photo Application

    iOS 12 2

    Apple has introduced some useful new features for its Photo Application. The new application automatically groups and asks to share photos that you captured at a particular event with your specific friends. Well, these photos are shared in full resolution, and your friends also get the option of sharing photos that you clicked. These new features are based on On device machine learning.

    4. Improved Siri and Shortcuts

    Siri now comes with shortcut features. Well, it allows you to assign a particular command to a specific action. These commands can be actions based on different applications, smart home systems and any individual action that Siri can do.

    iOS 12 3

    An example given used the Tile Bluetooth tracker, letting you create a voice command like “find my keys” to activate the Tile app locator feature. Siri will also make suggestions from the lock screen based on your smartphone usage.

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    5. New Notification System

    iOS 12 4

    Apple finally fixed its messed up notification system. Well, notification can be finally grouped and displayed as one. This is achieved by grouping notifications based on topics and threads. Well, you also get an option of addressing your notifications from the lock screen. Siri will also suggest notifications that are only worth your attention.

    6. Do Not Disturb And Usage Reports

    Do not disturb mode does exactly as the name suggests, it blocks almost every notification or calls so that you can sit back and relax. It can be activated as per your preference and you can also select an ending time, so as to deactivate it. Next up we have screen time activity report usage.

    iOS 12 5

    This allows us to easily monitor and make time limits to use any application. This can make us more productive and efficient. Lastly, there is an allowance for parents that allows parents to monitor and restrict their children smartphone usage.

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    7. Memoji

    iOS 12

    Next major improvement is the Memoji. It allows users to create and render their face in real life. Well, you get a great number of customization capabilities. Furthermore, you can also play with these features from the camera of your smartphone. Memoji acts as an upgraded variant of Animoji. Lastly, we get some new Animoji creatures coupled with the capability to track tongue as well.

    8. FaceTime Group Calling

    ios 12 1

    Apple now allows users to have a group video call with up to 32 people at an instance. Every person is displayed as a small square box. The size of the box increases based on the person talking and interacting the most. Along the bottom of the screen is a scrolling bar of users. Animoji, filters and sticker packs can also be used live.

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    So these were some of the new features of iOS 12, we can expect some new features as soon as iOS 12 is available in public stage. Do share your thoughts and opinions in the comments section below.


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