Google launched a practical application focused towards neighborhoods in India. The Neighbourly app helps people get local answers to local questions. Moreover, this Q&A application can be used to read necessary information and already answered questions about a locality. So, here are some useful features of Google Neighbourly.

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Google Neighbourly: Building Communities

The primary focus of Neighbourly is to help and grow communities in India. Well, people can ask and answer questions related to local life, routine, routes and more. Google thinks that this application can be beneficial for Indians as there is an increase in urban migration, short-term leasing and people have busy lives.

Google Neighbourly

The application provides these questions and answers in the form of swipeable cards (like Tinder). You can explore various issues that people faced and even help them by answering. Furthermore, you can like answers, if they helped you. Well, this makes that particular answer more reliable.

Lastly, to ensure security Google has also provided an option to flag content. The moderator than assess the problem with the material and its solution.

Google Neighbourly: Features

The Neighbourly provide badges to users, based on their answers. These badges act as incentives and a display of trust. The application relies on GPS for identifying the Neighbourhood of a particular user.

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Moreover, the Neighbourly supports English coupled with 8 local Indian languages and the ability to give voice-based entry. The application is presently launched in Beta and is initially available in Mumbai.



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