Google Lens Explained: What Is It? How To Use?

    Google Assistant was both praised and criticized during its debut in 2016. As the present today, it has possibly outperformed any other virtual assistant out there in the market. Moreover, Google Duplex clearly depicts where the assistant is going. So here’s everything you need to know about the new Google Lens.

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    What Is Google Lens?

    A relatively new and impressive feature that comes integrated within the Google Assistant known as the Google Lens. It takes the virtual assistant experience to the next level. It initially came as a pre-installed feature in the Pixel 2 smartphones and was later integrated with Google Photos.

    Google Lens

    So, what is Google lens? well, in simple words, Google Lens helps you to get relatable information based on the object you point the camera (of your smartphone) without any hassle of going to the web and searching for it. 

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    Some notable features include the ability to recognize any form of text in any language and font, looking for reviews and ratings for a restaurant, landmarks, and buildings, and scanning business cards, QR and BAR codes. It also has the ability to share and import the recognized information with an additional note to Google Keep is an added bonus.

    Google Lens: How It Works?

    Google Lens solely relies on AI for generating results based on real-world places and objects. Once you point your smartphone’s camera towards a place and tap on a particular object you get all the relatable information.

    Google Lens

    This includes the name of the object, links to purchase it and all the information from the internet. Since the feature is still in its initial stage you would definitely notice lack of accuracy, but where it will go is truly incredible.


    So these were some initial information about the Google Lens. This program will definitely act as a major pillar in shaping the future of AI. What do you guys think about Google Lens or say AI in particular? did we miss anything? let us know your thoughts in the comment section below.


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