WhatsApp has been adding new features after the induction of Stories. There have been several new features announced in Facebook’s F8 developer conference. Well, the new update will let you watch Facebook and Instagram videos in WhatsApp itself.

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Play Facebook And Instagram Videos In WhatsApp

So, when someone you’re chatting with in WhatsApp sends you a video link from either of the other two platform (viz Facebook or Instagram), you can watch it within the app without having to leave or exiting your conversation thread. in addition to that, with picture-in-picture, you can watch the video and chat simultaneously.


Facebook has been working to integrate its various apps, so that user can have seamless control over their content on Facebook, Instagram, and WhatsApp. These are the not the first app to get inducted in. WhatsApp has already allowed users to play YouTube videos within the conversation.

Furthermore, the new functionality is a part of the latest iOS update released early today, which adds the ability to add and revoke admin privileges, edit the subject, description, and an icon of a chat already underway.

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Well, being able to watch Instagram and Facebook videos within WhatsApp is a useful update and it’s rolling out to iOS users. An update for Android hasn’t released yet.


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