Google Is Secretly Building A Social-Gaming Startup Called Arcade

    Google is reportedly backing a social-gaming startup (called Arcade) of a young tech entrepreneur Micheal Sayman, who originally invited to Facebook as a 17-year-old by Mark Zuckerberg, created a video-centric social app for teens, Lifestage, when he was 19.

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    Arcade – A Social-Gaming Startup

    According to Bloomberg’s report, the search giant backed project is called Arcade and it won’t be tied to any existing social networks; instead, users will have to create accounts based off their phone number. Why? because Google is considering it a social-media investment because once a game gets to a certain level, it’s something of a social network by itself.

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    Moreover, a Google spokesperson confirmed the existence of Arcade and said that it  “focuses on mobile gaming with friends, and as it’s a very early experiment so there aren’t many details to share right now.”

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    Well, the Arcade might include some trivia elements to encourage people to play, much like HQ Trivia and so on. The startup is a part of Area 120, which lets employees spend 20 percent of their time doing passion projects.


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