Facebook just wrapped day one of its F8 developer conference keynote, which came right after the Cambridge Analytica scandal. Well, the keynote scored a lot of improvements and features added to Instagram. So, here are 4 new features coming to Instagram.

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Filter Out Bullying Comments

Instagram is upgrading its offensive comment filter, expanding it to automatically filter out bullying comments “containing attacks on a person’s appearance or character, as well as threats to a person’s well-being or health.”

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Users will be able to disable the filter if they would like to see the unedited comments on their feeds, but it will be enabled by default. As of now, Instagram is launching anti-bullying filter in only English-language, but it has plans to offers it in other languages in the future.

Allowing Third Parties To Create Custom AR Filters

Instagram will bring new filters through partnerships with Kylie Jenner, BuzzFeed, Ariana Grande, the NBA, Vogue, and others so that you can try on Kylie Cosmetics lipsticks through a face filter or add floating effects to your background through a world lens.

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Now, brands and public figures can build their own AR filters that will be available to use if you follow the influencer offering the effects.

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Video Calls On Instagram

Instagram is also rolling out a new video chat and a redesigned Explore page.

The video calling is currently in the testing phase and will roll out globally “soon”. Moreover, the company hasn’t specified how many people can participate in a video call at a given time. So, to start a video chat, just tap the new camera icon at the top of a direct messaging thread with the people you want to call.

The redesigned Explore page will now feature buttons on the top of the page in a carousel, apparently giving users the option to swipe through subjects like photography, animals and so on.

Instagram Stories Get GoPro And Spotify Integration 

This is another addition to Instagram’s portfolio is the integration of apps like Spotify and GoPro with Instagram Stories. In addition to that, a new camera effects platform that will allow celebrities and others to create face filters, text styles, and stickers.

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If you’re using the Spotify or the GoPro app, you can tap the respective share buttons to send your content to Instagram Stories. So, it is just that you can edit the video or photo taken from GoPro and later add to your story or send it as a direct message to someone.

Features Coming

On the flipside, the Spotify integration allows you to share stickers of songs, playlists or albums you’re currently listening to, with a link to play the music on Spotify. The new Stories integration will allow third-party apps to post content directly to Facebook Stories as well.

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Both the GoPro and Spotify integration will go live today. While the new third-party camera effects will be rolling out in the coming weeks with more partners to be announced soon.


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