Instagram Is Testing Mute Button And Bunch Of New Features

    Instagram has added a lot of features by blatantly copying Snapchat. Majority of the features has been copied and it’s time for Instagram to think of its own. Well, the company has started pushing new features such as the Mute Button, Slo-Mo and so on.

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    A Twitter user named Jane Wong (@wongmjane) has posted various tweets about the tests Instagram has conducted or is currently under testing. Here is the rundown of features Jane Wong has revealed.

    Instagram Mute Button

    This feature is expected to work like Twitter’s mute button, which silences people from your feed without unfollowing them. Well, The Verge has reached out Instagram to know more about Mute Button, but the company said they didn’t “have anything to share on this right now”.

    Instagram Reaction (To Stories)

    It is pretty clear that people generally don’t respond to the Instagram Stories. So, Instagram has been testing a new reaction feature that will help you react in real time. These are set of emojis that you could use in responses, pretty much like stickers in iMessage.

    Slo-Mo Feature (For Stories)

    This feature will be welcomed by a lot of users, specifically who don’t have the slow-mo mode on their phone or people who don’t want to rely on their phone’s built-in slo-mo feature.

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    Instagram Stories Calendar Archive

    This is a much-needed feature for active Instagrammers, as it is not easy to navigate around in the Instagram archive, especially with an old grid. Addition of a calendar view would be appreciated.

    Tag Your Facebook Friends

    In addition to all the above-mentioned features, Instagram is also testing a new tagging feature which lets you tag your Facebook friends in posts. Not to forget, the tagged person needs to address it.

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    What are the features you are looking forward to? What all features you would like to see? Let us know your thoughts in the comment section below.


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