5 Android Augmented Reality Apps You Should Try

    Augmented Reality definitely brings a new horizon to our smartphone experience. A smartphones camera and its processing power are more than enough to render a 3D body in a real-world environment. Developers have started developing applications based on Augmented Reality for Android smartphones. So, here’s a list of few useful Augmented Reality apps, that you should use if your phone supports AR. Well, before starting definitely check out whether your smartphone supports AR or not- ARCore Compatible.

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    1. AR Stickers

    5 Best Augumented Reality Apps
    Credit: ENGADGET

    These funny stickers come as an integration with Google Camera Application. You get access to a good number of stickers (including Star Wars collection). There’s no practical or useful thing about these stickers, apart from the fact that they are fun to use. You can click photos and record videos with these stickers. Well, these are exclusively available for Pixel Devices.

    2. Monster Park AR – Jurassic Dinosaurs in Real World

    5 Best Augumented Reality Apps1

    This application functions, in the exact same manner as AR Stickers. The only difference between these two is the type of content that you can render using these applications. You can peacefully live in your house, with a good number of dinosaurs roaming around you. Well, you can even view the portal from where these dinosaurs originated.



    5 Best Augumented Reality Apps2

    Inkhunter allows users to try a tattoo design on his/her body before actually tattooing them. Well, this would really come handy for anyone planning to get a tattoo. The process to try these tattoo is pretty simple as well. Lastly, this application works on almost every Android smartphone. Definitely, give this a try.


    4. World Of Tanks AR Experience

    5 Best Augumented Reality Apps3

    If you ever wondered about the Tanks that revolutionized the way human beings fought wars. Then, World of Tanks AR will definitely impress you. This application allows users to view real tanks, click photos and record videos with these tanks. If you are in an open environment than you can easily render full sized-tanks.


    5. Sky Map

    Augmented Reality Apps

    Using this application you can easily get an augmented view of stars, planets, nebula and much more. The application can be easily calibrated and has an easy to understand UI. You can even go in past or future to see constellations. Well, this application was earlier developed by Google. Definitely, try this application.


    Definitely, try these AR applications, to enrich your Android experience and do share your experience in the comments below.


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