5 Things Google Home Can Do Amazon Echo Can’t

    Lately, we have been covering a good amount of Google Home content. The major reason behind this is the powerful AI capabilities that Google offers. Well, Amazon Echo also shares a major portion of the smart speakers market.

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    Both these brands manufacture really capable products. So here are 5 things Google Home can do Amazon Echo can’t that will possibly force you to think again if you were planning to get an Alexa powered smart speaker.

    Things Google Home Can Do Amazon Echo Can’t: Shortcuts

    Google offers a really helpful feature called shortcut. This allows users to assign a particular task to a particular voice command. Practically speaking, you don’t need to repeat the entire command for a task.

    Google Home6
    Credits: AndroidPolice

    Simply speak out your shortcut. For example, you can use the shortcut “Ok Google, I am leaving” this will trigger the assistant to turn off all the smart lights and appliances in your home. Unfortunately, Amazon Echo doesn’t offer anything like that.

    Things Google Home Can Do Amazon Echo Can’t: Audio Casting

    Using Google Home smart speakers you can easily cast audio from a computer or a smartphone. Well, Google Chrome browser on PC offers the ability to cast content on your Google Home speaker.

    things Google Home can do Amazon Echo can't
    Credits: TheVerge

    You can hear a video on YouTube video or enjoy your Netflix content with audio output on your Google Home. This can be really useful in many situations. The only basic requirement for this is that both the devices should be connected to the same WiFi Network.

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    Things Google Home Can Do Amazon Echo Can’t: Multiple Account

    Google Home 1
    Credits: CNET

    Another nifty feature that is exclusively available to the Google Home is the support to multiple accounts. Google Home allows users to add up to six different Google accounts. You can even set up voice identification using which Google Home will easily identify the person to whom it is interacting. This will provide personalized content to that particular person.

    Things Google Home Can Do Amazon Echo Can’t: Multiple Commands

    Last year Google rolled out a new software update which allows users to give multiple commands to the Google Assistant at a particular instant. Using this you can add multiple commands in a single sentence.

    Google Home10
    Credits: CNET

    Google Home can handle highly complex multiple commands as well. For example “Ok Google, play Saturday night playlist increase volume to 80 percent and change lights to red color”

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    Things Google Home Can Do Amazon Echo Can’t: Control ChromeCast

    5 Things Google Home Can do Amazon Echo Cant
    CREDIT: 9to5Google

    Lastly, you can command your Google Home to stream content on your Chromecast as per your preference. Google Home and Chromecast can be easily integrated into the Google Home android application. Chromecast can be easily operated with Google Home Voice Commands.

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    By the way, what’s your pick now Google Home or Amazon Echo, after reading this article. Do let us know by commenting below.


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