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Facebook Stories Adds AR Doodles And Boomerang GIFs

Facebook Stories adds AR doodles and Instagram‘s Boomerang to its camera feature suite. With this Facebook has added a much-needed boost to its Stories feature, apparently making it a more popular place to shoot content and help the company compete with Snapchat.

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Facebook Stories Adds New Features

According to TechCrunch, Facebook Stories will soon allow your drawings to wrap around objects like mailboxes and tables in the real world. However, its implementation is still far from perfect. Coming to Boomerang, Instagram could replace camera’s looping GIF-maker that Facebook launched some time ago.

Facebook Stories

With AR drawing, you can scribble on the world around you, then move your camera and see the marking stay in place. You can add graffiti that exist on your screen. You can add the drawings before or while you’re recording, allowing you to draw on something out of frame, then pan or un-zoom to reveal it.

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Despite being criticized for copying of Snapchat and redundant given Instagram Stories, Facebook is trying new ways to make Stories more popular an accessible. Over the coming weeks, you’ll be able to draw on the world your camera sees.


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