3 Basic iOS Skills Every New iPhone User Should Know!

    If you recently upgraded to an iPhone, then iOS might feel a bit confusing at first glance. Even Though you will enjoy your iPhone after few days, initially it might feel a bit alien. So here are three basic iOS skills that will definitely help improve your iPhone experience.

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    1. Import Data From Android

    Probably the first thing that you would probably want to do while upgrading to an iPhone is moving all of your data from your old Android Smartphone to your iPhone. Doing this is pretty simple as well.

    Basic ios skills 1

    While setting up your iPhone, once you reach Apps and Data Screen. Tap on move data from Android. Install Move to iOS on Android and agree to the terms. The next steps are pretty self-explanatory enter the code on Android. Lastly, select the content you wish to move. Here’s a complete guide on how to do this Move to iOS.

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    2. Uninstall Apps On iOS

    Basic ios skills 3Accidentally downloaded something from App Store. Looking for a way to delete or uninstall the application. Simply tap and hold any single application, until all of the applications start shaking. Lastly, tap on the cross to delete the applications as per your preference. It is worth noting that, pressing hard may trigger 3D touch on iPhone 6S or later.

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    3. Control Centre

    Basic iOS Skills

    Well, iOS 11 comes with a fairly simple control center. Using which you can control brightness, volume, and other connectivity options. You can start/stop recording your iPhone screen through this control center. Lastly, you can even customize control center and add applications shortcuts like calculator, Apple music etc.

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    Well, it hardly takes less than an hour to get used to these basic iOS skills will definitely help you. If you wish to share any simple iOS skill, then do comment it in the comments section below.


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