5 Amazing Android Apps From Google That You Probably Didn’t Know

    Every Android Smartphone comes with a complete set of pre-installed Google Apps. Most of them are useful and help enrich our Android experience. You will be surprised to know that Google has published a lot of amazing Android apps on the Google Play Store. So here are some useful Google Apps, that is worth checking out.

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    1. Arts And Culture

    This Google app allows you to explore the Art and Culture, in a simple yet interesting manner. You can use this app to explore the history and lifestyle of various cultures and communities.

    The app presents good quality articles, coupled with eye-pleasing photos and visuals. You can zoom in for a detailed preview of palaces and monuments. The app has a huge catalog of stories, photos, videos, and manuscripts. Lastly, this app also supports VR.


    2. My Maps

    This app allows users to create and share custom maps. This can be really helpful if you wish to navigate a person who is coming in your area for the first time. You can write title and description for the new map that you created. This app also provides an option to view and edit the saved point. It is worth noting that, this app lacks all the basic features of Google Maps.


    3. Androidify

    A fun little app that allows users to create and customize an Android Avatar. This can be accessorized and customized as per users preference. You can even add a different kind of movements to this avatar. Later, it can be shared as a GIF file. Well, you don’t get bitmoji like precision and customization, but it’s still interesting.


    4. PhotoScan

    Google Apps1

    PhotoScan is a helpful app, that allows users to scan and convert a physically printed photograph into a digital photo. This app can easily scan old photographs, the time when cameras stored photos on reels. It is simple to use and produces some really capable photos. Definitely, give this a try.


    5. Chrome Remote Desktop

    Android Apps

    Chrome Remote Desktop allows users to control a PC from a smartphone or another PC. The setup is simple and pretty straight-forward as well. The connections are fully secured. Well, initially you might notice lack of fluidity, but it gets smooth with time. Lastly, you get all this stuff for free. Definitely worth a try.


    What do you think about these apps? Did we miss anything? If we did, let us know in the comment section below.

    Featured Image Credits: TheVerge


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