5 Tricks Of Instagram Stories You Definitely Didn’t Know About

    Initially, when Instagram launched the story feature on a photo-sharing platform, people didn’t welcome it. It was a clear imitation of the story feature that we used on Snapchat. As time passed the number of story users on Instagram passed the entire Snapchat user base. So as to help your Instagram Stories standout here are 5 tricks that will definitely help you.

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    Increase Story Views

    Increasing your story reach can be highly beneficial for your business and other purposes. The most simple way of increasing story views is by using hashtags. First of all, make sure that you use relatable and targetable hashtags that reflect your content. Next up copy and paste these hashtags above your photos or videos.

    Some of these hashtags might be featured on the Hashtag’s page, which will definitely increase your views. A bonus tip here is to reduce the size of these hashtags so that they don’t come in the way of your content.

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    The Complete Colour Palette

    While we add text to our images or videos we use the 27 default colors. Well, You will be surprised to know that you are not only limited to these default colors. We can easily access a wide range of color palette by simply long-pressing any color dot for 3 seconds. This will popup a color palette from where you can select almost any possible color.

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    Change Background Colour Of Instagram Stories

    If you still place your finger on your phone’s camera to get a black background, then you should definitely try to change the background color. Doing this is simple as well. Firstly, select the draw tool and select the color of your choice. Then, simply long-press the empty space for 3 seconds and then the background will change. Definitely, a nifty feature to help you stand out

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    GIF Support And New Text Styles

    Instagram recently announced GIF support and various other text styles in the story section. If you haven’t used it yet then you are really missing on a cool feature. GIF is a really fun and visually appealing way to represent our emotions and also helps to bring life to your images.

    Instagram Stories 6

    To use GIF simply tap on sticker icon and then select GIF. Now, search for the GIF, you wish to use. Same goes with the text, you can select various text style as per your preference.

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    Story Highlights

    Instagram Stories 7

    Story Highlights is an impressive feature that Instagram recently launched. This helps you to pin your stories as highlights even though they have crossed the 24 hours time limit. You can organize and keep these highlights safe. The next time someone visits your profile they would be definitely pleased with your story collection. It functions in the exact same manner as posts work.

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