Google Assistant Now Lets You Send Or Request Money; Ease Up!

    So yeah, Google Assistant now lets you send or request money from your contacts. This feature kick-started from the US. Well, the whole process of sending and receiving revolves around voice commands like “send money to” both on Android or iOS.

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    Send Or Request Money Using Google Assistant

    If you haven’t setup the Google Pay account yet, not to worry, Google will take you through the process as soon as you ask the Assistant to send money to your contacts. The payments are instant and the added bonus here is that recipient doesn’t have to have a Google Pay account.

    Google Assistant

    The recipient will receive an email, text message or notification if they already have the Google Pay app installed so that they can cash out. Do note, transactions with Assistant will still require authentication beyond just your voiceprint to send money — either with your fingerprint or your Google password.

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    Google is also bringing payments feature to Google Home smart speaker, which will have this feature in the coming months. But it is not clear, what kind of authentication or confirmation will be required to send money if you’re just talking to a speaker.


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